Tenancy Agreement For Spouse Visa Uk

Hello my husband and I almost applied for our British wedding visa this month, but as he is an individual contractor, his lawyer said that his bank transfer between his biz acc and personal acc did not show up physically. Although his two accounts are in his own name and he does not have a real business account, he has used only one of his accounts such as his business account. Now we`re very disturbed. And they told us we had to wait until April 2020. It is very difficult for us because we have been together for six years now, and we have no idea if this problem will simply lead to a rejection of our application. Do you have any idea what we do best? Or not? We`re both depressed and depressed. Thank you, hello, I am about to file my application for the bride`s visa, but the owner in my fiancée`s apartment is difficult and will not give me a letter allowing me to stay. Can we stay at home and he in his close family friends rent house for free? With dementia the owner and a mortgage account and a municipal tax bill. Thank you! It`s really worried. I am currently in the UK on a Tier1 contractor visa which expires this year. I am in the process of applying for an unmarried partner visa.

My partner, with whom I have lived for more than two years, will support me. In terms of proof of financial requirements, I am the director of a company that is my employer. I earn enough to meet the requirement, but it seems fairly easy to confuse documents related to a “specific limited company.” My partner also meets financial requirements and has a large employer. Otherwise, I have enough savings to meet the needs by saving. Would it be better for us to use my partner`s income and/or savings to prove that we meet this requirement rather than my income as a director of a “specific limited company”? This relates to the appropriate accommodation conditions for British spouses or the partner visa covered in The FM Schedule. As a result, discussed the details: What is proof of appropriate accommodation in the UK for the sp knit visa application? In addition, there is also a checklist of supporting documents for the UK spouse visa for accommodation in the UK. Please note that it is not mandatory to pay for accommodation until an applicant receives a decision on the spouse`s visa application. In addition, the applicant facilitation agency also offers visa models for the British spouse of parents and donors. I`m confused. Do I have to send the explanation of the spouse`s form to the Homeoffice before my appointment? We applied online and downloaded all the files to the online portal. I read that there is no need to send physical documents to the Home Office. Just the feeling of having been in conflict.

Please let us know if this is mandatory for online applications. We are in the process of accumulating our proof of a spouse visa. My husband and I will live with my parents. The house belongs to my parents. If the blankets and the letter from my parents were enough… or do we need a real estate inspection report by a lawyer/geometer? Hello there , My name is Grace I had a relationship with my partner since the end of 2017, I know him by a mutual friend and we finally decided to meet physical earlier this year (February 2019). Now, this year only I visited him 4 times and during the 4th visit we decided to have our traditional and civil wedding. During my visits, we didn`t take many pictures, other than the ones we took at our wedding.

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