Furnished Apartment Rental Agreement

Do you own a furnished rental? Take advantage of Lodgis` Exptertise as a specialist in furnished rentals and rent management… from 3.9% including taxes! To summarize again, here is a summary of the different types of furnished rentals: 8. At the end of this rental agreement, by time cancellation or otherwise, to give immediate possession to the lessor, and not to do so, such as paying the liquidated damages, for the duration that this property is withheld, the sum of `a` per day; However, the provisions of this clause are not considered to be a waiver of a right of readmission as stated here; Similarly, the receipt of the rent or part of it or any other act clearly confirming the tenancy agreement is not a waiver of the right to reintroduce in the event of a violation of any of the agreements entered into it. 5. And on the eve, additional alliances, and undertakes to take good care of housing and facilities, and to commit and not suffer from waste; no modification or modification of premises, partitions or walls without the written consent of the lessor; That the tenant perform all necessary repairs to the walls, ceilings, paints, cleaning work, sanitary work, pipes and devices of the apartment when damage or injury is due to abuse or neglect; that the premises should not be used as a “boarding house” or “lodging” or for a school, or to give instructions for music, dance or singing, and that none of the rooms may be offered for rent by installing moorings on a door, window or wall of the building, or bringing them directly or indirectly into a newspaper or other means; that the tenant, family members or any other person related to the occupancy of the premises do not linger, sit or sit on or on the front steps, on the sidewalk, railings, stairs, halls, landings or other public places of the building; that no stock, milk, ice, marketing, food or similar goods may be transported to the premises through the building`s front door unless there is no rear entrance; the tenant and subtenants must not have destroyed the heater, gas or other building lamps that are not in the apartment, or interfere with the control of one part of the public building. The tenant is bound by contract for the duration of the rental period. However, in order to ensure that this lease also works for the tenant, Lodgis offers some flexibility to those who rent a property for more than 3 months, so that the tenant can terminate the contract at any time with a one-month period. This contact is for tenants who need short-term accommodation but are not entitled to a mobility lease (due to divorce, construction work in a main residence, hospitalization of a close relationship, etc.).

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